Different Types of Home Alarm Systems

Purchasing a residential alarm system is a lifetime investment. Unlike other properties, its value does not appreciate but it certainly keeps up with technological innovations. There is no need to buy different alarm systems whenever there are new models because every unit is upgradable to its latest version. You just have to determine what kind of alarm system best suits your household needs and the brand that is trusted. Familiarize yourself with the different types of home alarm systems and their usage.

Motion Detectors
This can be mounted on glass walls to detect whenever there are unnecessary movements. The alarm is triggered based on the force that is exerted by the movement.

Infrared Detectors
This is similar to motion detectors only that the alarm is triggered when it detects a specific level of heat. Take note that the alarm only goes off if the heat reaches the programmed level. If you have pets at home, you can set the triggering device to ignore low degree of heat that is produced by animals.

Magnetic Alarm
This type of alarm is mounted at the door. It is detached into two parts wherein the first one is placed at the bottom of the door frame while the other one is installed at the body of the door. When there is an unauthorized or forced entry, the magnet will move away from its place triggering an alarm.

CCTV Monitoring System
The most popular type of residential alarm system is the CCTV camera. It is very easy and convenient to use plus you can see events that occur in your property even if you are away from home. Simply connect the camera to the computer with an internet connection, and secure a web server account and you are authorized to view everything 24/7.

Fire Alarm
This type of alarm is triggered by the level of smoke in a closed area. When the smoke reaches the receiver, the system shall release water to control the fire. It is important to control the gravity of smoke because it can lead to suffocation and death. In fire incidents, it is the suffocation that poses as the leading cause of death.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Carbon monoxide is fatal especially when it is inhaled. It is an odorless, colorless gas that is toxic to the human body. Carbon monoxide is not only present in industrial areas but also at home. Improper disposal of aerosol sprays may be detrimental to one’s health because it contains poisonous substances.

It is important to determine the specific type of alarm system you need for your house. If your lot area is big and there are numerous doors and windows, it may be too impractical if you are going to install a motion or infrared detector to each of them. Also, before considering a fire or carbon monoxide alarm, make all the necessary efforts to avoid incidences of fire or gas poisoning at your home. You can do these by securing power plugs or diffusing the power box every time you are away from home.